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One option that our glaziers offer clients in and around the Kensington area is to have products and fixtures manufactured out of safety glass. This is ideal if you’re looking for something extra-tough that will be able to put up with more punishment than traditional glass. Products we can make with safety glass include our shower screens, glass splashbacks, glass balustrades and double glazing – so safety glass windows and doors are certainly on the table.

As glaziers with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we can help you appraise the various risks that a fixture might present, so you can make an informed decision over whether safety glass is the right option for you. We’ve looked to start this right on the page below, where we’ve explored the uses of safety glass in more details, as well as how it’s made. More interested in the bespoke mirrors we supply Kensington properties? Call us on 01372 744427.

Safety Glass Defined

Safety glass is a term typically referring to either toughened or laminated glass types. It’s manufactured in a distinct way to improve its durability and give it shatter-proof qualities. To be legally defined as safety glass, it must meet building standard 6206:1981 and pass an impact test.

How We Use Safety Glass

So how might Kensington clients make use of safety glass in their respective homes?

Glass Balustrades – Starting with a fixture that is commonly constructed with safety glass: glass balustrades. These often safeguard the perimeter of high edges and stair cases, reducing the chance of nasty falls and spills. To this end, the tougher they are, the better. This is especially the case in busy commercial environments. As FENSA registered glaziers, we’ve installed glass balustrades in all sorts of spaces, and always to the relevant building regulations.

Shower Screens – All our glass shower screens use safety glass, as they need to be tough enough to withstand the day-to-day knocks they can receive as our Kensington clients go about their morning wake up and evening wind down routines. Also, if someone were to slip in the shower and fall into shower screens, it’s vital they don’t shatter and significantly worsen the injury received.

Windows & Doors – Double glazing is tough stuff that shrugs off accidental knocks far more effectively than single glazing. But some Kensington residents – especially commercial clients – want even more guarantee that their premises is secure; one solution is to choose safety glass for doors and windows. These deter would-be intruders due to their strength, and how difficult they make breaking and entering.

Glass Splashbacks – Our glaziers make all glass splashbacks out of high strength safety glass due to its heat resistant properties, and the fact it needs to put up with the kinds of everyday wear-and-tear you expect in a kitchen or bathroom.

An Honourable Mention - …so this one might be cheating, for while we do not make mirrors out of safety glass, we can make toughened mirrors that are resistant to minor knocks and the like. Ideal for those around Kensington who are accident prone, or looking to childproof their premises… avoiding bad luck for years!

For more information about the products we supply and fit in the Kensington area, including doors, windows and shower screens, call our friendly glaziers on 02089 695 682.