Glass Splashbacks in Kensington & Epsom | Lister Glass

Looking for products that safeguard surfaces, and look good while doing so? Our glaziers supply and install bespoke glass splashbacks for domestic and commercial properties in and around the Epsom, Sutton, Chelsea and Kensington areas. We work with each individual customer to ensure the glass splashbacks we manufacture fit and suit the space they are to feature in, typically bathrooms or kitchens where liquids and food stuffs can threaten to stain or otherwise damage surfaces. Whether you’re a homeowner, business operator or builder – if you’re in the market for quality glass splashbacks, we’d love to hear from you.

Want advice on selecting the perfect product? Contact us directly, or visit our Epsom or Kensington branches, where our friendly and helpful staff are waiting to provide expert assistance.

Tailored to Your Space

Our glaziers have over a century’s experience in the industry, and manufacture a range of glass products that also takes in glass balustrades, mirrors, windows and doors. With everything we make, it’s vital to tailor the product to your space. We take into account features like sockets and light fixtures, to ensure the splashback is capable of protecting your surfaces, and looks perfectly fitted.

By choosing appropriate colours and shapes we can also match company branding, or other prominent features that add character to your property, we ensure your glass splashbacks score the highest marks in both form and function.

Glass Splashbacks – The Benefits

So why do so many property owners in and around our principal service areas of Epsom, Sutton, Chelsea and Kensington choose to invest in our glass splashbacks?

Maintenance – Untreated walls can be a nuisance to keep clean, and stains that sit a long time are a real trouble. Glass, on the other hand, is extremely easy. Just give it a wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time. This means glass splashbacks save you time and effort on cleaning up your kitchen or bathroom.

Resistance – The toughened glass we use for our splashbacks is resistant to all that challenging domestic environments can throw at them: heat from the stove, moisture from showers and basins, and the types of knocks that are inevitable in any busy household. Our glass splashbacks are thus a great way to protect your walls and surfaces from damage.

Cost Efficiency – There are other options when it comes to splashbacks; but opting for materials like marble and quartz is very expensive, while getting nothing extra when it comes to function. You could opt for standard tiles, but they take a hit in terms of cost efficiency due to being less durable. Choosing glass splashbacks is a great long-term investment, and ideal for those who prize cost effectiveness.

Aesthetic – Whatever colour you have in mind, and whatever size or pattern you wish them to be, we can craft glass splashbacks that meet your specifications. Protect surfaces while adding some extra style to your interior design scheme, breathing new life into the bathroom or kitchen of your Epsom, Sutton, Chelsea or Kensington home.

Our high quality glass splashbacks are made to your specifications. For more information, call 01372 744 427 (Epsom) or 02089 695 682 (Kensington).