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Our glaziers supply and install a real range of glass products for properties in Epsom, where one of our outlets is situated; from windows and doors, to glass splashbacks and shower screens, mirrors, double glazing and glass balustrades. But how can this fantastic material improve your home or corporate premises? Read on to find out…

Secondary Glazing

Rather than entirely replacing single glazing, we can fit double glazing within your existing windows. This is extremely cost-effective, and can significantly improve both sound insulation and thermal insulation – saving you money on your energy bills.

How Our Products Can Improve Your Home

Let There be Light – One big reason Epsom residents choose glass products is the way they allow light to permeate a space, rather than creating shadowy areas or altogether excluding light from accessing a property. Glass balustrades, especially when fitted with entirely transparent double glazing, safeguard areas without sacrificing light flow. Glass shower screens likewise allow you to be in total control of the light levels in your bathroom, while glass doors at the rear of your property can be totally transformative, especially on beautiful summer days. For more information on improving light flow, contact our glaziers or visit our Epsom outlet.

The Illusion of Space – Glass fixtures are famous for making spaces feel bigger, and creating seamless transitions between distinct areas of a domestic or commercial property. Mirrors, which our glaziers manufacture to the specification of Epsom clients, are always a great way to cultivate the “illusion” of space. As the popularity of open plan interiors looks unlikely to wane anytime soon, we forecast a high demand for quality glass doors, glass balustrades, mirrors, shower screens and large windows – all of which we supply and install throughout Surrey and London!

Reduce Energy Usage – With the dire state of the planet, it’s imperative that we all – from companies with huge CO2 footprints, to individuals with relatively small ones – begin to take into account our environmental impact. Reducing the energy your property uses is not only a green measure, it’s one that can save you significant funds. Double glazing for all doors and windows can make a huge difference, especially when it’s sourced from FENSA registered glaziers like our own, who work to all relevant building regulations.

Aesthetics – Glass is known for its clean, modern and minimal aesthetic. Whether incorporating it throughout your property in the form of glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, stylish mirrors, shower screens or even humble windows and doors, you can make a real difference to the interior design of your Epsom home or commercial premises. Seamlessly installed by our time served glaziers, you’ll receive a long-term investment that you’ll enjoy each and every day. What’s not to like?

For double glazing installation in Epsom, Kensington, or anywhere else in Surrey and London – choose time served glaziers Lister Glass.