Your Glaziers in Chelsea | Lister Glass

The service Lister Glass provides its Chelsea customers is far more than “just” supply and installation; our glaziers offer a service that make the entire process of updating an interior with quality glass fixtures simple, and effective. It doesn’t matter if you’re a domestic or commercial client, investing in glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, shower screens, double glazing, windows, doors or mirrors – you’ll benefit from 100 years of cumulative experience, and a commitment to quality customer service...

But any company can argue that they’re top dog – the important thing is backing it up. So read on to see the various ways our glaziers look to separate themselves from competitors in and around the Chelsea area.

The Full Package

Advice – You shouldn’t feel obliged to sit at home, struggling as you pour over countless blogs or YouTube videos, trying to figure out the type or style of glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, shower screens, double glazing, windows, doors or mirrors that will best suit your needs. After all, our experienced team of glaziers, situated close-by Chelsea in Kensington, are on hand to provide advice and help form ideas. This advice covers everything from design possibilities, to meeting building regulations.

Made-to-Measure Products – All glass we work with is cut to your precise specifications. Why is this important? It ensures that the product perfectly fits its space and is seamlessly integrated. While some products we sell – like mirrors, glass splashbacks and shower screens – can be found pre-fabricated in big-box retailers, you end up sacrificing both form and function. When choosing our glaziers, you don’t have to compromise, and can customise things like colour, finish and transparency to your taste.

A While-You-Wait Service – If you need to replace fixtures such as doors and windows, it is not only inconvenient but unsafe to wait, as you’re often replacing them due to security concerns or damage. This is why we offer a while-you-wait double glazing fabrication service. In some cases, we can both cut and install double glazing for a Chelsea property on the same day you contact us. Very few glaziers offer a similar service. Other products we can often fit on the same day include glass splasbbacks and mirrors; glass balustrades, typically, take a little longer to arrange.

Perfect Installation – In the period running between 1979 and now, we’ve installed countless products within Chelsea homes and places of work. Our dedication to perfect integration means we don’t use outside contractors, trusting in our own team to meet the high bar we’ve set ourselves. That being said, some builders and developers choose to us on a supply only basis, so they can fit glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, shower screens, double glazing, windows, doors or mirrors at their own pace.

If you’re in Chelsea and searching for timeserved glaziers, who manufacture everything from glass balustrades to shower screens, contact Lister Glass in Kensington on 02089 695 682.